Hyde - Orlando Fringe Festival

Hyde - Orlando Fringe Festival

Hyde is a new production from Push Movement Theatre and tackles some pretty intense subject matter in a darkly mysterious way. 

I had heard of their incredible movements before, and after seeing this show I can see why. The way they move and counter balance each other is absolutely stunning. It's radical to see something so graceful and athletic be performed with such precision and intensity that it left me awe struck many times over. 

The content of the production itself was rather uncomfortable. Told in a series of fragments based either around a fictional version of Hyde or the aftermath of a tragedy, the script builds upon itself layer by layer reveal kernels of knowledge that impact your understanding and comprehension of the show itself. 

It's a lot. And based upon the dark subject matter, I can understand how some may be put off of it. The lead protagonist (or antagonist most likely) starts the show with a seemingly innocent game that becomes less and less innocent as time goes on. It's a very dark piece, but one that also has a great importance and incredible, delicate beauty. 

If you can handle it, I highly recommend. 


  • Incedible movement pieces
  • Haunting story that cleverly folds in on itself in innovative ways
  • A great character you love to hate


  • Divisive subject matter (troubled youth, shootings, violence against women) 
  • Overly meta but theatrically cohesive
  • Could use a bit more levity from the middle to the end
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